What’s Hot?

With everything going on in your busy lives, who has time to keep up with all of the latest celebrity shoe trends?  The average person certainly doesn’t, and that’s what we’re here for. Whether you’re worried about looking good for a long awaited wedding, trying to impress at a work function, going for a night on the town with the girls, or want to show your ex what he’s missing out on, you’ll find what you need here in our series highlighting your different needs.

Optimal Comfort

For events in which you are mainly worried about comfort, but also want to look fashionable, flats are unquestionably the way to go.  As you can see below, celebrities such as Kate Moss cannot get enough of the flats craze.

About.com provides us with the following advice for wearing flats.

Look for Flats with Style

Since flats usually aren’t as dynamic as heels, look for flats in fashionable colors, lush materials and rich textures to help jazz up your look without having to resort to higher heels.

Accents like buckles, straps, gems or bows can also add a lot of interest to a pair of flats, although it’s best not to go overboard with embellishments. When it comes to flats, a chic look is typically better than a quirky one, and it’s a lot more versatile as well.

Dress Up Simple Flats for an Ultra-Feminine Look

To make up for the simple styling of many flats, consider prettying up your outfit with ultra-feminine wrap tops, flared sleeves and layered shirts to help convey a head to toe “ballerina” look.

Flats and Skirts

Having no heel on your shoes can make your legs appear shorter. If wearing flats with skirts, shoot for a hemline that is above the knee, to regain a look of length to your leg. Wearing flats with longer skirts can give you a dowdy appearance.

The Right Pants for The Shoes

Capri pants and flats are a match made in heaven, but if you’re wearing long pants, make sure they aren’t too long. Having the hem of your jeans or slacks drag the floor, not only looks sloppy, it’s also a great way to ruin a pair of pants.

Unless you’re ultra-thin, you should avoid wearing really tight pants or skinny jeans with flats, as this can sometimes look frumpy and call attention to parts of your body you’d rather not emphasize.

Instead, consider pairing flared or wide-legged pants with with pointed-toe flats for an ultra-stylish look.

For those of you wanting to look like the starts at a reasonable price, check out Macys for some of our favorite flats.  And don’t forget to check back often for the continuation of our “What’s Hot?” series.